Invited Concurrent Sessions

13th Arab Congress of Plant Protection (ACPP 2020) 1-6 November, Hammamat, Tunisia

Submissions Are Now Open for ACPP 2020 Concurrent Sessions (Invited Sessions)

This is the first time that the Arab Congress of Plant Protection organizers invite all colleagues to participate in the congress program development. All scientists in plant protection sciences are invited to organize and moderate an oral presentation session in the ACPP 2020 program, and are encouraged to complete the submission process before the deadline. This is an opportunity for few colleagues with similar areas of interest from several Arab countries to put their ideas together and organize an oral presentations session.

Concurrent session format

  • Total session time 90 minutes
  • One moderator/organizer for the session
  • 4-5 speakers (one of them can be the moderator)
  • One of the speakers can be from outside the Arab region
  • Discussion to follow

Concurrent session proposal
When preparing the proposal the organizer should consider the following:

  • Prepare an introduction on the importance of the proposed session and a justification for including the proposed session in the congress program.
  • Prepare a title for the invited concurrent session that covers all the presentations of the proposed session.
  • Indicate the name and affiliation of the proposed session organizer, who will also chair the proposed session during ACPP 2020.
  • Give titles and names with affiliation for all speakers of the proposed session.
  • Moderator and speakers of the proposed session should include only colleagues who are planning to attend ACPP 2020. If a sponsor for the session is identified, the session moderator and speakers will be waived from paying the congress registration fees
  • Deadline for submitting proposals is 31 December 2019. Accepted proposals will be announced before April 1, 2020
  • Completed proposals should be submitted by Email to the following address: